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Assalammualaikum wr wb

I feel that I am so busy in March and I dont know why. Last year, I am so busy too in March until I am sick.

Yes, March in last year, there are many activity that I must do. In the morning, I must goes to campus. In the afternoon, I must teached my children for home schooling. Not everyday, just twice. But, sometimes in the afternoon there are courses that I've been. In the evening, I meet many person for relation with Ujar. And in the night, I must meeting with my team for a long recruitment for Ujar.

In March last year, I had special schedule that I can't come and manage about 1 session in recruitment Ujar, that is I went to Malaysia. But, what's wrong with me?

Hectic schedule make me sick. I just water shortage. My friends think that I had typhus. And at its peak, I can't get up from my bed. My body is so cool. And when I sick, I always cry. Not because I am whiny, but I always release tears when I sick. Oh my God... When I sick, I didn't think my courses, I didn't think Malaysia, but I think about my team in Ujar. I loved them so much.

March in this year, is same with last year. I am so busy. My friends give me a mandate for managed about notulen and moderator at every seminar proposal. For my courses, I must complete my proposal for seminar in this March. And then, I must taking the time for attend in recruitment Ujar that need me as demisioner. And for my blog, there are so many job that I must do for my hobby.

I see that many people are busy in March. Because March is productive month in even semester. And I have warned that the next-next March, I am so busy too.

When I am busy, that is I am productive with my passion.

This post is one of challenge for ProjectTimSAR. 

Thank you

Wassalammualaikum wr wb

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  1. aku juga pingin skip maret trus juni
    ampun dehhhhh mareeet

  2. Good luck ya untuk semua aktivitasnya di bulan ini :)


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