Popilush Dress: A Garment that Shows Off the Charm of Women at All Times

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When we think of a piece that is versatile and practical for everyday life, the dress may be the first option that comes to mind. It really collects qualities among women, which is why it is an important piece that can be your ally on many occasions.

Creating a built in shapewear clothing look can be fun and helps enhance your personal style. After all, you can embrace many versions of yourself. With Popilush any woman can become more elegant, modern or relaxed. You can become whatever you want.

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Can the shapewear dress be used in a business environment?

The shapewear dress is made in many models and follows the main trends in global fashion. Therefore, a midi with a straighter cut and a neutral color may be what you are looking for. Add a blazer or long coat for a more formal touch.

The elasticity provided by the nylon fabric gives you the comfort you need to face any workday. The round neck is beautiful, it leaves part of the collarbones showing, which adds an extra touch of femininity to your look. 

You get a more contoured butt and slim-looking waist thanks to the mesh reinforcement located in the abdomen region.

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What dress can I wear to a post-work social event?

A long-length dress can be the perfect choice. In fact, you can also use it at work and take the opportunity to add a different accessory and remove the more social overlay to gain a new shape after work. When you choose a dress with built in shapewear you get full body modeling, easily adjusting the waist, butt, chest, thighs and hips.

The open gusset improves your time by making trips to the bathroom easier. The technology is well represented by the ribbed and super soft modal fabric. Furthermore, the buttocks are lifted through the BBL effect that defines without squeezing or causing discomfort. 

The built-in bra guarantees breast support and the removable cups make you a more confident woman, as they allow you to create the perfect bust.

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Is there a shapewear dress I can wear for any occasion?

Regardless of the dress code, you can choose a versatile dress to be part of your collection of basics and essentials. This means it will allow you to have many different combinations with just one piece. You can choose basic black, but also brown, which is another neutral color. They are easier to combine with other items of clothing, shoes and bags.

Furthermore, the midi length and round neck are features that give a look that can range from elegant to casual. Dresses with a hidden zipper in the back are interesting because they have a cleaner appearance and are easier to wear. It is made of modal fiber that provides a soft effect against the skin and is resistant to wrinkles. 

You can build unbeatable self-esteem with a piece that delivers seamless waist control through mesh fabric. It also models the legs, hips and butt. You don't have to worry about wearing underwear, as the overlapping crotch made of cotton fabric already meets all your needs. 

A shapewear dress with these characteristics can be used to go to a wedding combined with high heel shoes and an envelope bag. But interestingly, it takes on a completely different form if you prefer to use it for a walk in the park. Just pair with sneakers, a crossbody bag and a bucket hat to create a cool look.

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